Love unfolds with every shade of the rainbow.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

          The idea of Valentine's is really rather simple. It's about showing love and affection to your special other; buying expensive gifts, and devoting that whole day to them. But really, is that necessary? To take an entire day out of the year, to show love and affection to the person who you've proclaimed to care about-or to love? If you take time to think about it, honestly, shouldn't you take the time to show that sort of attention on an every day basis, if you're able?
          And then there's the definition of love. People often restrict the meaning of love to a feeling, a general stereotype of emotional response to things that people do. And while as emotions often does accompany the center of love-love in it of itself is not a feeling. Its a verb, an action that you employ. The literal act of loving another human being, for who they are, what they are in every faction of the word. The little imperfections and habits they hold, that makes them entirely who they are in their individuality. And knowing there will never be another person who is exactly like that one special person in your life; that star in your sky.
          The act of love is to truly cherish them, to put them ahead of yourself, to think of what's best for them. Love is not jealous, not cheap, not selfish, not violent. It's a difficult thing at times, something you really have to work at. Most people would have you believe that, if you have to work at something-such as marriage or love-then it isn't supposed to be. That it isn't working. But that's a mistake.
          Marriage, and love are truly something you have to work at. You have to give your all, your whole being into it. Not half-ass it. Love is a consuming, intoxicating thing that gravitates around the union of two people, who are building a life and a world together.
         So the point of Valentine's time, should be to remind you of the person you love, and whom you chose as one of your kind. To really give as much effort as you can, because if you're only give half, or a third of yourself and your strength-then you're dooming yourself, and that other person. And if that person really matters to you, they deserve the best of you. Not the worst, and not the less you're able to give.
          Happy Valentine's Day.