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Monday, July 4, 2011

Here's Your Chance

            Beauty is only skin deep, or so everyone say's. Its limited, superficial, what you see is what you get. But what do people really see when they look at you? Perfect hair, flawless skin? Do they know you hide things, lie? Your eyes may be bright, and you can wear the biggest smile, but nothing ever penetrates beyond the exterior of your person. Shallow, a shell of a person that no body takes the time to get to know, because they're already contented, or dismissing of you based on your appearance. 
            When I was younger, all I thought about was my outside. What I looked like, what shirt and pants to wear together. I always wanted to be the prettiest girl in the classroom, the most lovely, given the most attention. And when I wasn't, I fell apart, like an immature child not getting her way. But as I grew up, slowly I began to realize that quality wasn't really in the appearance, it was in the person that was underneath the image.
            I no longer care about appearance the way I used to. Don't get me wrong, I still want to look my best, to shine-but I want to shine for who I am, not who I can look like. I want to constantly grow in who I am, who I can be. My personality, my character, my morals, my mind-I want all of those things to continually grow, flourish until I no longer have any more of myself to know and understand.
            Now a days, having grown away from my own superficiality, I always want to know who a person is. Not how they look, or even what they do-but who they are, and why they do things. I want to know what makes them tick, what they love, hate, interests them, makes them turn away in disdain. I want to see the beauty that lives and breathes on the inside of a person's heart, much more than I want to see the outer inspiration.
            A person is more than just what they look like, the sum of their bank account, their jobs, or even their names. Their an entire enigma, based off thoughts and feelings, wants and needs, dreams, fears. They react to everything, see anything, know all that they can. So when I hear that beauty is only skin deep, I have to shudder at that, because its so untrue.
            Beauty isn't skin deep. Its so much more than that image you see when you come across a person. The real beauty is in the heart, and sometimes you get to see that beauty reflect itself in the person's outside. So always be on the look out for that, and always take the time to actually get to know someone. Because sometimes, a person's outside may be gorgeous-but their heart is ugly. And equally, sometimes, a person's outside may be ugly, but their heart is beautiful.
            Beauty isn't skin deep. 


  1. hola Mariella que sorpresa ver tu post la verdad algo de ingles se pero puse em traductor por que el texto era muy extenso y tienes toda la rozon en cuanto a la belleza verdadera la que realmente importa
    bueno amiga te dejo un cariño

  2. Thank you very much Patricia. :) I'm glad you liked it.

  3. I feel exactly the same way. Beauty is something that should radiate from within a that even after many decades, when superficial beauty inevitably fades...a person can still be considered gorgeous. The most beautiful person I ever knew was a 90 year old woman.