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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

When some nights

            Pain. Its something we all have to live through. It can be consuming, the worst thing in your life, but it doesn't always have to be.
            For me, pain comes in a myriad of ways. Physically, when I bruise myself walking into a table. Clumsy, I know. Or emotionally, when I believe one of my friends has betrayed me, left me feeling like a fool. Or spiritually, when at times I think that I'm not being heard by my God. But the pain is the same, consuming, intense, and it weighs down on your life in a way that some how, everything around you becomes less. You become less. You become the sum of your pain, and its frustrating how you can't seem to break through it.
            The truth is, the pain isn't typically the problem-how you handle the pain, is. Relying on others to cheer you up, or relying on yourself, ignoring the problem entirely, or spending too much time on it. Really, there isn't any clear method to rid yourself of the pain of trials you may be going through in life. But the thing is, you can't rush it, and you can't usher it away. Its going to stay as long as its going to stay. So, why not just let it be, and live with it?
             I know that living with pain is hard, its complicated, and sometimes really conflicting with your otherwise nature. But in all honesty, sometimes you just have to accept the pain with the pleasure in life. Not everything is going to work out how you want it to, and not everyone is going to be able to live up to your expectations. With that in mind, pain becomes less. You have to let the pain run its coarse, stop struggling with yourself, and just let it be. Because the pain is part of you, and how can anything stand when it wars with itself?
           My way of getting through trials, apart from the occasional ice cream, is just relying on Christ, and hanging out with my friends, trying to make them laugh. I love making people happy, laugh, with my retarded antics and sense of humor. Laughter is the best medicine, I'm sure you've heard. And sometimes you really need it. Especially during the hard times.
           During those times when you think you've had enough, when you want to just give up, just have a laugh. I know its hard, and somewhat stupid sounding, but life is hard enough as it is. Everyone around you, the world crumbling about-laugh to yourself. Give yourself the blessing of a light heart, laugh, smile, and remember the good things in your life. Your family, your health, your special someone, God's love, perhaps a pet, your possessions-there are so many things you can be grateful for, to smile about. And if anything else, a good friend is always here for you.
           So smile.

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  1. Hey this is Stel, and I just wanted to add: Thanks...I needed this. It's very matter how bad thing get...there's always the capacity for laughter.