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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Faceless Enemy

           Your greatest enemy is always yourself, whispering things in your ear to prohibit change.
           "I'm not good enough."
           "He'll never want me."
           "I'm not pretty."
           "I'm so fat."
           Look at yourself, and really do peer into a mirror. You're never going to be a greater than you are right at this moment. You're beautiful, and wonderful the way you are. You're so able to change yourself at a whim. You can make yourself look different, change your personality, change the characteristics of it, and isn't that lovely? Never being confined to a blue print someone has set out for you, be it the idols on television or the people of society.
         The voices in your head that always speak out against you, saying things that you hate to hear, have you ever considered changing them? You have the power, the choice to erase the voices that you don't want to hear. After all, its only your subconscious. Train yourself, your mind, to whisper things that may alleviate your fears, your hurting heart.
         Tell yourself:
         "I'm worth it."
         "I am pretty."
         "People care about me."
         "I look right, just for me."
         "And God loves me."
         Even if you think you have no one, or that no body understands you, or thinks highly of you-think again. I think highly of you, and God loves you more than anything. And apart from that-what others think of you, doesn't really matter. What YOU think of yourself, is what matters. If you put yourself down, tell yourself that you're not worth anything, the only thing you're doing is making yourself worthless in your own eyes.
         Give yourself a chance. Don't let yourself get down, and don't compare yourself to others, because you're an original work of art, all on your own. And you're beautiful to me.

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