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Friday, August 5, 2011

Sometimes I Just Wish on a Star

            Twilight to starlight. A simple title, and a simple beauty to it. Its not overly complicated-the ideal can be understood with little to no thought. Its a stretch of time, of space and matter. And by the way its described, spoken of, it can be seen with great general radiance. The words alone utter a silent, glittering thought. Vain and trivial, yet serene, necessary to convey what otherwise couldn't be said. And with that, I am the same.
           My name. My name alone confirms and explains who I am. Not many know what it is, my true name being so, and sadly-most of those who know don't understand. Names define who you are, or so I believe. I can look at a person, hear their name, and utmostly define who they are by the consensus of their title. Christian, Stephen, Tina, Krisa, Nadine-and I read into the letters, the meaning behind each particular name. Who are they, behind the mask they wear? The name they keep?
           Christian. Strong, honorable, impulsive, earthy, humble, complicated but simple at the same time. Tina is beautiful, simple, educated, playful, loyal, and understanding; a true friend. Krisa is bubbly, flamboyant, a trifle immature, flickering dimly in the after-tides of necessity, or want.
           Every name has a meaning, a definition. It often describes who a person is, their personality, or even how one views you. More often than not, I demand myself to know and comprehend the meaning behind names that are known, viewed and true of the people I associate with. Because part of who they are will always come out in the trouble of their name.
           Such as my name. It explains a lot of who I am, where I've come from. Tragedy, short lived, impatient, playful, teasing, harsh, understanding, intolerant. An ever flickering paradox, always contradicting upon everything inside me, characteristic wise. I was never able to stand being only one person within me. So I've grown to be many, many personalities, characters, facets of the same stone. And after all, what good would it do to be only one dimensional?
          When a name stands alone, it is only one dimension. It can say only so much, and it is left in the hands of the one who wears it, to explain, define, and examine who they truly are. So that the rest of their lives, they aren't simply living in the same one dimension that their name has defined for them. A complete person will have many dimensions, facets, sides and personalities. A person with only one dimension, will be lonely, self absorbed, and platitudious.
         Live, understand, and read on for yourself in the book of life, to become a more full person. Don't define yourself by who you're with. Don't always follow after your feelings, because they can lead you astray. Think with your mind, feel with your heart, and have conviction with your soul.
         Find who you want to be in your heart, your mind, and your spirit-and then become that person. Find out who you are, and be assured of yourself. Don't let others tell you who you are, but let yourself be the one for whom tells yourself, and others-who you truly are.
        Be more than just your name.

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